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Shift makes it easy to spend any store of value anywhere. This includes both fiat currencies as well as digital currencies, like loyalty points, airline miles and crypto currencies. Shift users can not only see their balances, but can load, convert, send, and spend from the Shift wallet. In addition to these features, Shift attaches a Visa prepaid card to the user’s account. Like Coin, Shift allows users to seamlessly select a funding source in real time. When the card is used, the selected funding source is debited.

Prior to public launch, Shift came to Okay looking for a new identity that would be applied to a number of different materials including credit cards, the app, stationary, website, potential future packaging and promotional materials. The identity needed to support the ideals of security, seamlessness, ease of use, and trustworthiness the new company embodied while differentiating itself from other start-ups occupying in the same space.

Working closely with brand strategist Natalie Linden, Okay delivered a new identity and supporting materials that reflected the simplicity and reliability their emerging user base had come to expect. The end result was a system that felt established, friendly and capable of effortlessly handling the complexities of organizing and moving your money.

Shift's new visual identity needed to support the simplicity, reliability, and trustworthiness their emerging user base had come to expect. The final brand felt established, friendly, and capable of effortlessly handling the complexities of financial management.