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ESQ is a new, highly secure platform from PrivApp that is poised to redefine how law firms communicate and collaborate while crafting sensitive documents. ESQ allows teams to edit, track changes, and make comments in real time, on desktop or on the go. In addition, ESQ is accessible and affordable enough for small to medium sized firms making it the perfect vehicle for smaller businesses to be competitive in the marketplace.

When ESQ was just an idea, PrivApp came to Okay looking for a long term engagement that would define user experience, interaction design and brand identity. Because we were creating a product for a very specific vertical we had a good idea of who our audience was and what they expected from the tools they work with. With very little room for error and time at a premium in their work environment, the ESQ brand needed to be professional but approachable and above all useful.

Working closely with digital products lead Espen Tuft and strategy and research lead Amanda Gross, Okay helped conduct interviews with legal professionals in order to understand their biggest pain points and barriers to efficiency, and how those might affect our product workflow and communication. Working in two week design sprints, our team  iterated on the prototypes and tested with select members of our target audience after each round. Through this process we were was able to deliver a minimum viable product that was beta released to a small subset of users from law firms around the bay area.

The final phase focused on establishing ESQ’s visual vocabulary including typography, iconography, custom on-boarding illustrations and iconography applied across the entire experience.

Understanding potential users existing barriers to efficiency in their workflow was key to delivering a cohesive user experience and a truly useful tool.