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Branding The Revolution

Anarkon is an ongoing MFA thesis project completed at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. By presenting a fictitious worst-case scenario as real, the Anarkon project questions the influence of corporate branding and advertising power in a culture obsessed with consumption and the acquisition of wealth. Its goal is to encourage citizens to examine their response to commercial messaging and to play a more active role in determining the limits of corporate power.

Developed over the course of two years, the project explored all areas of corporate identity and brand development. Starting with a just a corporate manifesto and a brand identity guidelines the project soon ballooned to encompass an e-commerce website, product and packaging development, advertising campaigns, handbooks, annual reports and gallery events.

At all stages the project has been presented as real and has gotten a variety of response in the process. From cease and desist letters from corporate giants to a home visit by the FBI, the project continues insight reaction.

Thesis advisement by Phil Hamlett and Hunter Wimmer at the Academy of Art University. Additional thesis advisement by Michael Sainato, Nate Pence and Debbie Millman.